Consumer contract financing and business loans provide working capital and cash flow funding for small and medium businesses, Capital Funding Solutions offers this to companies throughout Florida and the United States


Consumer Contract Financing

Financing your customer's purchase is an effective way to increase sales.  Now you do not have to carry the financial burden yourself.  Consumer contract financing or installment financing allows you to increase your cash flow and working capital by selling the contracts for immediate cash.

Consumer Financing can create . . .
- More cash
- More Sales, and
- More Income for your business

Typical companies that use consumer contracts
  Seminar/Sales companies
  Vocational/Trade Schools
        - Lasik/Dental
        - Cosmetic/Weight loss
        - Hair procedures
        - Electric Scooters/Medical Beds

Timeshare or Vacation Clubs
Country Club Memberships
Exercise Equipment for Consumers
Jewelry/Furniture/Computer Stores
Dating Services
Business opportunities

Contact us today to discuss if Consumer Financing is appropriate for your business.

Common parameters
Companies can finance their new and/or existing portfolio.  Minimum monthly sales needs to be at least $10,000 per month or more in new business, and profit margins should be 40-50%. Contracts can range from 12 to 60 months

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Cash flow funding and working capital financing programs are offered to small and medium businesses in Clearwater Orlando Miami Ft. Lauderdale Tampa and St. Petersburg Florida

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