Invoice factoring and accounts receivables management from Capital Funding Solutions, this business funding stategy provides working capital and cash flow for on-going company operations.

 Invoice Factoring
& Accounts Receivables Financing
Business Cash Flow and Working Capital Funding

If you have quality Accounts Receivable, Capital Funding Solutions is a DIRECT LENDER that provides multiple types of finance program strategy to capitalize on all business opportunities available.
Invoice Factoring Accounts Receivables Financing Factoring Companies Tampa Capital Funding Solutions Business Funding Florida

We provide accounts receivables management:

$5000 to $10 Million a month in financing
  Quick approval (24 hours)
  Cash in as little as 24 hours
  Flexible terms, based on your companies needs
  Very Competitive fees based on risk, volume, and average payment of invoices
  Unlimited line of credit - grows as your accounts receivable grow
Who is eligible for invoice factoring?
  Companies that invoice creditworthy businesses or the government, but have financial obligations and opportunities that preclude waiting 30 to 90 days to receive payment.
  Companies that haven't established credit, or have less than perfect credit.
  Companies that don't fit the mold for traditional bank loans.
  Companies in Hyper-growth, turnaround & even Bankruptcy.
Fast Funding When You Need It. 
Somewhere between banks and equity funding (angel & venture capital) there are solutions to create the working capital you need to make your business vision a reality. 

As a direct lender with strategic partnerships, we offer alternative non-bank funding programs designed to allow you ultimate financial flexibility. Begin by clicking on  the choices below to learn more about your options.

Alternative Non-bank Financing Includes:
  Asset Based Lending Invoice Factoring Accounts Receivables Financing Factoring Companies Fort Lauderdale Tampa Orlando Jacksonville
  Factoring and Receivables Financing
  Purchase Order Financing
  Consumer Contract Financing
Capital Funding Solutions specializes in financing for small, medium, and emerging companies.

Accounts receivable funding (as listed above) is one specialty area of Capital Funding Solutions, and is ideal for virtually any business, including industries such as Distribution, Design, Temporary Staffing, Telecommunications, Consulting, Commercial Printing, Manufacturing, Construction, Security Services, Commercial Janitorial Services, Technology and Transportation, to name a few.

Unlike traditional banks, we can qualify your firm for invoice factoring based on your clients' creditworthiness, not your credit record. You'll get funding within 24 to 48 hours. And it's not a loan, so it's debt-free!

Working capital for any purpose
  Fund Expansion Plans
  Accommodate larger clients & orders
  Increase marketing programs
  Fund daily operations (payroll, etc.)
  Take advantage of volume purchasing
  Improve your credit rating

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